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Monday, September 10, 2012

Reading update

Lots of books have been read and digested! So, pretty good going for the last couple of months.
What have I read?
1. Schindler's List - Did not enjoy it. It was so-so, not nearly gripping enough. It was somewhat moving in parts, but I struggled to finish it.
2. Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat - Enough said. Why did I even bother?
3. Several books by Jod Picoult - I started them all, gave them all up a quarter of the way through. Not my kind of storytelling. I don't care for very emotional books with characters on the cusp of major drama/life changing events or decision points. Too much hand-wringing, emotional upheavel and mental agonising is not something I like in my books! That's just me :)
4. The Immigrant by Manju Kapoor - I liked it. I've read her Difficult daughters before and enjoyed that as well.
5. The Help - Have been trying to lay my hands on this for a long time. Engaging and well-written. No sociological treatise, this one...don't expect any major revelations or insights. But a page-turner nonetheless.
6. The Shadow Princess - My fascination with Indu Sundaresan and Mughal India continues!! No disapoointments in this one, I was hooked from Page 1 right until the end as the story of ShahJahan and his daughter Jahanara unfolded.
7. Several books by Sophie Kinsella - A few pages into Confessions of a Shopoholic and I was thinking - what had I been thinking while ordering these books! I know I chortled my way through Bridget Jones but that when I was 20! The Shoopoholic series were a disaster but another book called The Undomestic Goddess was ok for my 9.30 pm reading when I just need words swimming before my eyes before I go off to la-la land :)
Any recos, people?