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Saturday, July 7, 2012

An award and tag

I was passed on this award and tag by one of my favourite bloggers, Uma.

To be very honest, I used to think the awards in the blogosphere were quite silly. They are passed around until everyone's got one and it just seemed a case of you-scratch-my-back-and-I'll-scratch-yours. However, I soon realized the awards are not just some form of artificial popularity contest but just another form of the encouragement and support fellow bloggers provide each other. In any case, most of the time they come with a tag attached and it's a good opportunity to think of something different to write about instead of the same old repetitive thing (many times when I am posting, I think, hey haven't I written about this thing earlier?)
So, a big thanks to you Uma. I think I've done the random things tag earlier but don't mind doing it again :)
Here goes.
1.       I wear glasses. Most people don’t know this cos I am very indisciplined about wearing them, though I've tried to be more regular after my daughter Y started wearing them.
2.       I eat a lot – several small meals a day. While that’s really a very healthy thing to do, I do it mainly  because I have a low sugar problem so need to keep upping the glucose levels with regularity.
3.       I love getting wet in the rain.
4.       I used to not like dogs very much when I was a kid but then my 2 best friends in high school turned out to be dog-lovers! They converted me and now I’m fine with large furry dogs jumping on me, slobbering all over me and lying on their back to be scratched on their tummies
5.       My first car was a Maruti 800 (hardly see those on the roads any more)
6.       I still read Enid Blytons!
7.       I love Tex-Mex but I can’t stand authentic Mexican food.

I'm not passing this on to anybody specific but do feel free to take up the tag (and let me know if you do!).


  1. Nice to read the random facts, Aparna.
    About the awards, well, am quite clear: if am not passed on the award, they are just a case of you-scratch-my-back-and-I'll-scratch-yours, but if they are then of course they are lovely ;-)) :-D)))
    Will you be seen more on this blog and less on that now?

    1. Hi Uma...good logic on the awards! :)
      Not sure where I will be seen more, but definitely some of the non-kid related stuff would come here and not there. Let's see - need to get some ideas into the brain first :)

  2. You really started liking dogs after initial dislike? Cos I just cant stand them and cannot imagine standing them in future either ..
    I don't think the doting mother can ever keep away from the other blog :)
    Correct Aparna?

    1. True about the doting mother, aarthy :))
      I think the dog stuff happened becos I was around dogs all the time when I hung out with my friends...I grew into it. I'm still not a dog-lover but I can understand why people love them so much, like their own kids.

  3. Same Pinch on #3 and #6. I love dogs too - I wish to have one for a pet when I move to a house big enough to accommodate it :)

    1. Yeah I notived #3 in your post :)
      Enid Blytons are great, aren't they? :)
      Hope you get your wish of having a dog some day and soon.

  4. Interesting!!

    Was good to know a bit more about you! :)

  5. Loving the revival of this space! Keep at it :).


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